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MBKI Ministries and World Changers. Thank you for absolutely everything you are doing for me and my child putting us in a hotel as soon as the fire displaced us 11/7/21 this has been a pure blessing and I hope I have someone helping or getting ready now.

I appreciate you brother dearly you have no idea what your kindness with the help of you and the Amos Ministery has done for me and my family two weeks God bless you tremendously.

Zolonda Banks



I would love to share my experience with this organization. They are absolutely beautiful people. They helped me stay in a place and get into another with a room for rent. My ESA dog and I lost everything in a day and they were there to help us get back on our feet. I'm very grateful for everything they have done for me and my fur baby, Einstein. 

They go above and beyond to help the best they can. 

Thank you Anthony and everyone else involved. I couldn't have survived without your caring hearts.

Stacey B


I would like to say thank you, as a single mother, I am not working ATM and the gifts help a lot for my kids and the gifts helped and made my a single mom I will not receive Christmas gifts myself but i don't care because this gifts my kids received today my Christmas gifts and seeing my kids happy are my gifts and tears of joy to know that my kids will have Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree for Christmas

Pam g

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